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Szef Kuchni Artak

The owner of the restaurant is Artak Markosyan, born in Armenia, who came to Poland 30 years ago. He has been gaining experience in gastronomy since 1986. He specializes mainly in Armenian and Polish cuisine. In Poland, he began his adventure with gastronomy in 1991, in Adam Gessler's restaurant called Krokodyl. In 1992, he became a chef at the Zorba restaurant, where he gained great recognition and was awarded many diplomas. In 1994 he established his own restaurant in the former Hotel Wileński. In 1995, he founded a second restaurant in the Praga Hotel, where Armenian dishes were introduced to the menu. In 2009, he opened a restaurant in Warsaw's Praga, where he served Polish and Armenian cuisine. In 2013, after a turbulent appearance in Magda Gessler's program "Kuchenne Rewolucje", the restaurant underwent a visual metamorphosis, the menu also changed. From now on, the Ararat Restaurant specializes only in Armenian cuisine. The meals served by Artak have repeatedly won the recognition of culinary critics, which can be seen in the number of diplomas and articles in the press.

Dlaczego Ararat?

Ararat is a mountain from Artak's hometown. The name of the mountain comes from Ara - a god from the Bronze Age. Ara was the god of death and rebirth. The mountain was named in his honor due to the changes taking place on the slopes between "dead" winter and "living" spring. In the Bible, Mount Ararat is indicated as the resting place of Noah's Ark after the Flood.

Magda Gessler in Ararat!

Our restaurant (formerly Tawerna) took part in "Kuchenne Rewolucje". Since Mrs Magda's visit, not only has the décor changed and the food serving improved, but also new dishes have arrived. The halva ice cream made by the restaurateur herself is definitely worthy of special attention.

The episode with our restaurant can be watched here.

Special Events

  • It is also possible to hold special events up to 60 people in our restaurant! We organise all kinds of parties, including birthdays, christenings, communions and corporate events. Surprise your guests with exotic dishes of traditional Armenian cuisine. Need a celebration lavished with regional spirits? We meet your needs. Unforgettable memories guaranteed!

  • To discuss the details and in case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on tel:
    • 780 089 007
    • 601 206 143
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Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun: 13:00 - 22:00

Information and reservations:
780 089 007
601 206 143

ul. Czerniakowska 58, 00-717 Warszawa
Dolny Mokotów
Convenient access by public transport:
tram and bus.
We also have a car park next to the restaurant.